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Seven reasons to swim this winter

Seven Cool Reasons to Swim in the Winter   Speedo Fit


Most people associate swim fun with the summertime. And although I do enjoy the outdoor swim setting when it’s 80 degrees and sunny, winter swimming is often times more exciting and more important. And, believe me, I am a winter wonderland swimmer now that I call Park City, Utah home. When your car thermometer reads -16 degrees, it’s hard to imagine slipping on your Speedo and jumping into an 80-degree pool. But you should, and here are seven very valid reasons why:


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1. The water is still warm

When it’s that cold, many of the pools are actually indoors. And, if you are lucky enough to get to swim outdoors when the snow is falling, soak up the scenery. The best part about either setting is that the temperature of the water is exactly the same. YOU, the swimmer, have it great. So dress warm for the mad dash from your car to the pool and know that it isn’t crazy to be swimming in the winter as the water knows no season!


2. Lengthen and strengthen

Winter often brings tight and sore muscles and joints. The colder it gets, the stiffer our bodies get. At least that is the way I feel. I have always loved swimming for the way it makes my joints relax and flushes out all the nonsense of the day. It leaves me feeling like perfect cocktail of energized and exhausted all in one.


3. Consistency

The elements have made it difficult to continue with many of your favorite activities like biking, outdoor running, etc., and although there are many activities to replace them with, swimming promises consistency. You don’t have to change your routine when the weather changes. It is the perfect complementary sport. So, you can replace your biking with swimming and trust that you are more than on top of your cardio game with an awesome workout in the water.


4. Keeps you beach body ready

Half of the battle when preparing for your winter warm-weather vacation is feeling comfortable in your swim suit again. When you have been swimming all winter, that isn’t a problem at all! You have the confidence to not only walk around in your swim suit but by the time vacation is calling, your body will be ready and your mind will think it’s just another day at the pool.


5. Life is better in chlorine or salt water

You sleep better after a great swim. It is a sport the entire family can be a part of and it gets you out of the humdrum of winter. Wake up, jump in and start your day off right. Or, finish a long day with a fabulous stress reliever. Either way, your pillow will never feel the same way again. Incredible sleep and swimming go hand in hand.


6. It’s the new après ski

Yes, most people like to head to either the bar or the hot tub—or combine both—but if you finish off a day on the slopes with a fantastic loosen-down swim, I almost guarantee that you will be outperforming your ski friends the next day on the slopes. Let’s face it friends, getting down the hill on those edges isn’t any kinder on our bodies. Let’s set ourselves up for success. Hop in the pool, then hit the tub!


7. Pools are open all the time

Most swim pools like to help you and your busy schedules. They are open for you before school, at lunch and sometimes, at the end of the day. There is no schedule conflict here, you just have to get yourself there. So find a buddy and make it happen.

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