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Speedo launches technique-focused swim fitness collection


Speedo, the world’s leading swimwear brand, continues its Get Speedo Fit drive with the launch of new swimwear designed to help improve technique.

The campaign that inspires people to swim as their primary form of exercise launched with great success in 2013 by getting new swimmers into the pool. The 2014 Get Speedo Fit programme will focus on helping swimmers to improve their technique, maximising the effectiveness of their swim.

The focus is reinforced by the introduction of the women’s Speedo Pinnacle Kickback and the men’s Speedo Fit Pinnacle V Jammer. This new, technologically advanced swimwear is designed to support a swimmer’s body position and help them improve technique, ensuring that they get the most from their workouts in the pool.

Created following intensive research by Speedo’s global research and development team, Aqualab, the swimsuits are designed to offer core stability whilst activating the core muscles, helping swimmers to reach their fitness goals.

Great fitting goggles are also important for those who swim for fitness enabling them concentrate on their stroke and breathing without eye-watering distractions. Speedo’s hero range of goggles feature IQ Fit technology. Developed by Aqualab, IQ Fit is the result of insight gained from extensive global head scanning research, producing goggles perfectly contoured to fit the face which are leak free, reduce marks around the eyes and offer the best ever comfort. IQ Fit technology is used on Aquapulse Max goggles, which feature an aesthetic design inspired by sunglasses, Aquapure, a traditionally styled goggle perfect for fitness swimming, and Fastskin3 Elite – a high-performance racing goggle worn by the world’s top swimmers.

Unlike most other activities, swimming virtually eliminates impact on joints and muscle strain to significantly reduce the chance of injury. As well as helping to improve stamina and muscle tone, swimming is also a great cardiovascular activity and the best choice for an all-over body workout and vastly improved fitness. Sean Hastings, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Speedo International, said:

“At Speedo, we firmly believe that swimming is the best and most effective way to get fit. Our aim through ‘Get Speedo Fit’ is to elevate swimming as a fitness method to genuinely rival other popular fitness activities and provide the most comprehensive and best selection of fitness swimwear and equipment to improve swimming technique.”

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