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Women's Sculpture Shinedream One Piece

Women’s Sculpture Shinedream One Piece


Music that creates a tranquil mood doesn’t have to be boring, as these chilled-out albums prove.

Dusty Springfield
Dusty In Memphis
These perfectly crafted pop songs were recorded with some of Memphis’s best musicians. A Classic.

Lana Del Ray
Born to Die
Del Ray’s second studio album combines Americana with hip-hop influences.

Moon Safari
You may find many of the tracks here familiar, without necessarily having known that they’re by the laid-back French electronic duo.

The renowned Brazilian guitarist and singer has brought classic bossa nova styles to a more modern, US-influenced sound since the 1960s.

Terry Callier
What Colour Is Love
The Chicago-born singer-songwriter took his early jazz influences and blended them with 1970s soul and folk influences.

Nobukazu Takemura
Child’s View
Having started out as a hip-hop DJ in Japan, Takemura blends jazz, pop and classical music.

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