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Next level fitness with Speedo training aids

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Swimmers taking fitness and technique to the next level are encouraged to include Speedo training aids — designed to improve technique, speed and power — in their workouts.

Speedo’s training aids also help improve muscle tone, gain strength and promote endurance, all while burning calories.
Used by Speedo elite swimmers globally, below are training aids to help swimmers Get Speedo Fit:

Speedo Paddles

Ideal for improving upper body strength, technique and speed. There are three styles –Biofuse Power Paddles, Biofuse Finger Paddles and Power Paddles. Designed for water resistance, the paddles also help with arm-pull and catch position.
More here.


Speedo Biofuse Fins

Possibly the best training aid in the range, there are two styles of Biofuse Fins – Fitness Fins and Training Fins. Ideal for improving fly kick, speed, propulsive power and ankle flexibility. The fins create resistance and force the legs to work faster for fitness, swim technique, lower body strength and speed. More here.


Speedo Elite Pullbuoy

Ideal for improving arm-pull technique and to build upper body strength and power. The pullbuoy is a buoyancy aid held between the legs, removing the kick element and focussing on the upper body during training. It helps improve technique and body position. This is the perfect introductory aid for new swimmers as it elevates the hips into the right body position and helps increase speed. View video here.

Speedo Elite Kickboard

A hand-held floatation board that removes the upper body/stroke element, focusing on the lower body and ideal for refining kick technique. It also improves balance, increases lower body strength and contributes to overall fitness. View video here.

Speedo Elite Pullkick

This is a kickboard and pullbuoy in one. Ideal for overall technique, upper and lower body strength and to improve swim technique and overall fitness. View video here

Speedo Centre Snorkel

Ideal for the practice of freestyle and butterfly. It’s a snorkel that enables swimming in a facedown position. It eliminates the head movement to breathe, allowing for concentration on technique and body position. Great for long kick sets. View video here

Speedo’s Body Positioning Swimwear

To help provide core stability in the water, the Speedo Pinnacle Kickback for women and V Jammer for men also assist in improving technique. More here


Speedo’s Unisex Drag Shorts

Increases resistance to help work harder in the pool. View more details here.

Speedo training aids are available at Speedo Concept Stores in Canal Walk, Cape Town, and Menlyn Park, Pretoria as well as selected Speedo stockists nationwide.

Contact the Canal Walk Concept Store on 021-551-5161, Menlyn Park Concept Store on 012-348-3140, or email

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