Karen Prinsloo

Karin-Prinsloo-profile-thumbWhen and how did you start swimming?

I started swimming at the age of 6 years old. I’m the youngest of 4 sisters and all of the them swam up to matric so I guess it was in the family.

When did you first notice that you where a talented swimmer?

I swam my first SA School’s competition when I was in Gr1 and also won medals. At the age of 10, I was selected for the Pan Pacific School Games in Sydney Australia,  where I also got several medals. I knew then that I had a massive talent and the Olympic dream started.

What impact has swimming had on your life?

It’s has taught me to be patient in life and to put my trust in God alone. To do everything I do in life for God and to be satisfied with my performances. Good and bad. The hard times in my swimming career (injuries etc) really taught me a lot of lessons in my personal life and relationship with God too. So extremely grateful for the impact swimming has on my life.

How often do you train currently?

We train from Mondays to Saturdays, twice a day, except for on Wednesday and Saturday which is only once. We have gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Who do you train with?

I train at the LC de Villiers pool at Tuks.  My coach is from Russia and his name is Igor Omeltchenko. I gym at the HPC centre in Pretoria and my strength and conditioning coach’s name is Wayne Coldeman.

What are your favourite strokes and why?

My favorite stroke is freestyle.  No specific reason. But I truly believe my natural talent lies in backstroke.  But unfortunately i don’t like training it that much. But busy working on it.

What are your greatest swimming achievements?

It will always be when I qualified for the Olympics in 2012. Also in 2013 I ended up 10th in the world in the 200backstroke at the World champs in Barcelona.  Recently I broke 3 SA records and won a gold medal in the 200 freestyle, against the Aussies,  Chinese,  Japanese and Brazilians at the BHP Bulliton series in Perth, Australia.

What training aids to you use and why?

Stretchcord, paddles,  fins, finger paddles,  kicking bord,  pull bouy, parachutes, rubberband, you name it. I think swimming equipment is essential for training purposes and help you reach your potential speed or technique.

What is your favourite training and racing costume and why?

My favorite training costume is a Pink Endurance costume. My favorite racing suit is the FastSkin racer. I feel very comfortable in it and prefer not to race with suits that’s too tight. Also the 2coded color suit is funky to wear.

What are your favourite goggles and why?

Definitely the FS 3 pro ones.  They’re extremely comfortable and can keep an eye on your opponents from the sides of the goggles too.

What are your swim goals for 2014?

To qualify for the Commonwealth games and to hopefully medal for my country.

Apart from swimming, what are your other main interests?

Love reading Christian books, having braai and lunch/supper/coffee with friends and family. Going to church on a Sunday is one of my highlights.

Give us a timeline synopsis of an average day in your life, eg awake at 6am, training from 6:30 etc. 

Wake up at 4:45- eat cereal -Futurelife. Train from 5:30 – 7:30.

Gym from 9-10:30

12-2:30 I’m at my learn to swim school teaching little ones to swim.

3-4 land training and 4-6 back in the water again.

What were your personal highlights during the BHP Aquatic Super Swim Series in Australia?

Breaking the SA record in the 400free and dropping my time by 5seconds.

How was the support for SA swimmers in Australia?

The support was unbelievable and truly humbled and grateful for swimming fans all over the world.  We can definitely thank Chad for that 🙂






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