Introducing Swim Coach

Swim Coach has arrived. And it’s about to revolutionise your swim training.

Love swimming but need inspiration for your training routine? Wish you had access to elite-level coaching expertise? Meet Speedo’s Swim Coach: a library of more than 200 expert-designed swim training plans, ready and waiting at your fingertips. Search according to your fitness levels and goals, find your training plan, print it out and hit the pool.

Devised by leading coaches
Olympians. World record holders. Our network of coaches have trained some of the best swimmers in the world (hello, Missy Franklin, Ryan Lochte, Alia Atkinson, Florent Manaudou and many more). And now, thanks to Swim Coach, they can help you too. Our experienced swim coaches have poured decades of world-class coaching expertise into creating more than 200 swim training plans for Swim Coach, which cover all fitness levels and training goals.

Training plans for everyone – beginner to pro
Just starting out on your swim fitness journey? We’ve got the perfect training plans for you. Swim competitively but want to improve your stroke technique? We’ve got that covered, and more. Swim Coach’s training plans will help you customise your training and improve your fitness and technique, whether you’re a beginner swimmer or a pro. Plus you can choose the length of your training plan from either 30, 60 or 90 minutes.


Find your workout

Find your workout

Swim training plans for triathletes, cyclists, runners and yoga bunnies
Let’s say swimming isn’t your ‘lead’ sport, but you want to use your time in the pool to improve your time on the bike, on the trails, or the yoga mat. Swim Coach’s experts have devised training plans specifically to complement your training as a runner, cyclist, triathlete or yogi. Simply choose the sport you want to support and Swim Coach will supply the plan most suited to you.

Improve your speed, fitness, endurance and technique
Swim Coach isn’t just designed to help improve your fitness and swim speed – we’ve devised training plans specifically to help you burn calories, increase endurance and improve your swim technique too. Simply click on your goal, choose the training plan and print it out.

View Swim Coach on any device – then choose where you want to print from
As Swim Coach isn’t an app, you can view it on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone). Find a training plan, print it out, take it to the pool – and get cracking!

Take me to find out more about Swim Coach now!

Swim Coach - Workout your way

Swim Coach – Workout your way

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