How time in the pool will enhance your yoga routine


A collaboration with Hope Lin and Cameron McEvoy

You know us. We love the water! But we can also see the benefits of spending at least some time on dry land. Which is why we decided to combine the best of both worlds and get experts in their fields to devise training plans that mean taking up the one, will help improve your performance in the other.

For this collaboration we have had the privilege of working with Taiwanese actress, model and yogi Hope Lin, who, together with Team Speedo member and champion swimmer Cameron McEvoy, have created a comprehensive guide to show how, with the correct training, swimming can be the perfect complement to yoga.

When combined, swimming and yoga provide a holistic balance, strengthening both body and mind and improving aerobic and anaerobic performance.

Swimming, like yoga, is also a great way to find some inner peace. Namaste!

Prepare your body and success will follow

Hope Lin’s career as actress, model and yogi is one that requires a great degree of balance in order to stay on top. Her love for swimming has provided the basis for this balance, allowing her multi-faceted lifestyle to blossom under all conditions.

Cameron McEvoy is a swimmer who knows how to succeed both in and out of the pool. A Commonwealth champion and the fifth fastest 100m swimmer in history, Cameron’s sharpness is not purely physical, as he is also an aspiring physicist. Cam shares Hope’s passion for yoga and understands how the right swimming training can benefit body and mind, outside of the water.

Both Hope and Cam were excited by the opportunity to develop this plan together, and devise a way to help you stay focused on the long term benefit of not only having a healthy body, but also a healthy mind.


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