How time in the pool can improve your performance on the bike


A collaboration with Richie Porte and Mark Foster

You know us. We love the water! But we can also see the benefits of spending at least some time on dry land. This is why we decided to combine the best of both worlds and get experts in their fields to devise training plans that mean taking up the one, will help improve your performance in the other.

For our first collaboration, we couldn’t have asked for two finer athletes than top cyclist Richie Porte and World Record-Breaking swimmer Mark Foster to create the perfect plans for you to use. Together, they’ll show you how quality time spent in the pool will equal performance on the road. How both your body and your mind will enjoy the benefits. And how you can just tweak your lifestyle to feel a whole lot better all around.

Oh, and the other really good news. There are no hills in the pool!

Prepare your body and success will follow

Richie Porte has taken on the toughest of terrains and the best in his sport to become one of the elite competitors in professional cycling. And what helped him get there?  A love of swimming that he has turned into his secret weapon in cycling.

Mark Foster knows all about success in the pool. As a Commonwealth, European and World champion he was a proven winner in his racing days. What’s more, he also understands the benefits his sport can bring outside of the water.

So these two winners couldn’t have been more delighted when we asked them if they’d get together and create a series of training plans that would give insight and access into making you not only a more accomplished cyclist, but also a fitter person all round.


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