Chad Ho

Chad-Ho-profile-thumbFull name:  Chad Ho

City and country of birth: Durban, South Africa

How many hours do you train per day currently and give us a very brief outline of when and where you train and what it entails?
I currently train 10 times a week, 5 mornings and 4 Afternoons with a session on a Saturday with each morning session being 2 hours and afternoons being 2 1/2 hours as well as Saturdays… I also do weight training every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for an hour. All my training is done at Kings Park swimming pool under Alistair Hatfield.

Do you have a routine before a competitive event? If so, briefly, what does this entail?
I wouldn’t say I have a specific routine but there are a few things I like to do before a competition, like play Playstation3 when I can. It helps me relax and I like to relax as much as possible and be as lazy as I can be…

What pumps you up?
A few things are able to pump me up, when I have a bad race or a bad gala it motivates me to go back to training and train even harder so I can reach my goals and perform better or a when I have a really good training session it gets me all excited and makes me keep wanting to train.

What music do you listen to generally and if any, before a race?
Wherever I go I always have my iPod or phone with me so I’m constantly listening to music. I mainly listen to dance and house on the odd occasion pop but before a race its rap, hip hop and dance.

Do you follow a nutritional programme? If so what are the basics? Do you eat in the last three of four hours before a race and if so, what?
I’ve never really focused on my nutritional aspect but I have started recently with a high protein low carb program and cut out all sweets and sugar. During a competition I usually like to eat a big meal roughly 4 hours before it starts and have a light snack like fruit on my way to the venue.

Do you eat junk food, e.g. burgers, pies, French fries, chocolate?
I love junk food, but I generally stay away from junk food during the week. I like a home-cooked meal, I mean, who doesn’t? On the weekends I may crave a juicy burger but I generally try and order the healthy options on the menu…

What’s your favourite Speedo product?
That’s a tough one, I can’t choose one product, I love them all!!

What do you do when you’re not training?
When not training, I’m just a regular boy, I like to hang out with my mates at braais, and play Playstation 3…  Outside of swimming, I’m a golf fan. Not many people know I can play, but I do like to play on the odd Sunday. I’m also secretly a Dj wannabe. I’ve always been fascinated with it and want to make my own remixes…

Who are your heroes and why?
Lance Armstrong has always been my boyhood hero and still is. Everything he did and accomplished after what he went through is amazing, and makes you strive to achieve your goals no matter how bad or low you feeling…
As a swimmer I have to say I admire both Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe, two of the world’s best swimmers ever…

Where is your most favourite place in the world?
I’ve been to many places and it’s always good to return home after a trip as nothing beats being home. But if I had to choose a place I would have to say Asia. I just feel at home there, but I guess that’s just the Chinese in me. The language could be a problem, so I better start learning…

What advice do you have for ordinary swimmers in general and aspiring champions in particular?
To all the up and coming swimmers: no dream is too big so aim high and reach for the stars. Stay focused, stay dedicated and mostly have fun…

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