Boost muscle strength, endurance and technique with Speedo’s swim paddles

Swimmers seeking to dramatically boost upper body strength and technique can now do so with the help of three Speedo swim paddles – two of them incorporating Biofuse® technology for superior comfort and ideal fit.


Biofuse®Power Paddle

By effectively increasing the size of the hand, Biofuse®Power Paddles help the catch and pull phase. They make swimmers acutely aware of the perfect entry point, help catch and hold more water, increase resistance and improve technique.

The ergonomically designed Biofuse®Power Paddles promote improved grip and reduced hand fatigue, resulting in a higher-impact workout.They are also ideal for the strengthening of upper body and arms for both swimmers and triathletes.

See a video on the paddles here.


Biofuse®Finger Paddles

Biofuse® Finger Paddles are the ultimate training tool for swimmers wanting to improve hand position and awareness during the catch and pull phase.Perfect for all swimming levels, these finger paddles increase resistance to improve awareness of how much water is caught and held.

The smallest paddles offered by Speedo, they are ideal for drilling down into technique to achieve improved upper body strength and stronger strokes. Fitted with easily adjustable silicone straps, Biofuse® Finger Paddles promote enhanced performance.

See a video on the paddles here.


Speedo Power Paddles

This broad paddle is designed to mimic the shape of the hand and to provide a natural feel while stroking.

The Speedo Power Paddle is designed with holes, allowing water to flow through the paddle to increase stroke fluidity and feel for the water. Their adjustable straps reduce stress on the hand for a comfortable fit.

See a video on the paddles here.

Speedo SA brand president Stuart Hopwood says the range of power paddles are must-have training aids: “These paddles will help take your fitness to the next level and unlock the training secrets of elite swimmers seeking to gain strength, build endurance and boost technique.”

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