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BioFUSE Fins


BioFUSE Traning Fin

The Speedo BioFUSE Training Fin is designed to increase propulsion, strengthen leg muscles and help improve swim stroke. It increases focus on the upper body due to the elevated position encouraged by the fin.

Made from 100% silicone and with a dual density design that offers a stiff blade and a soft comfortable foot pocket, the Speedo BioFUSE Training Fin is the ideal training aid for overall swim technique and increased ankle flexibility.




BioFUSE Fitness Fin

The Speedo BioFUSE Fitness Fins are short, dual density fins with stiff blades and easy-fit back straps for maximum water resistance.

Also made from 100% silicone, the Speedo BioFUSE Fitness Fins are perfect for all levels of swim training to help strengthen leg muscles, improve endurance, increase workout speed, develop ankle mobility and boost lower body fitness.

Speedo Brand President, Stuart Hopwood said BioFUSE Fins are by far the most versatile training aids available to improve fitness and performance. “Use them for drills, kick sets and endurance training to help boost both speed and endurance,” he said.

Speedo BioFUSE training and fitness fins are available at the Speedo Concept Store at Canal Walk and at most Speedo stockists nationwide.

Recommended retail price
Speedo BioFUSE Training Fins: R570, Speedo BioFUSE Fitness Fins: R470

See a video on the training fins here: and fitness fins here:

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