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10 commandments for confident healthy women

Love your body and feel great about yourself with Speedo Sculpture’s ten commandments for confidence and health. Simply follow the steps below to help you build your confidence, make the right lifestyle choices and feel beautiful inside and out.

A confident new you starts here…

1)     Make exercise part of your lifestyle and it will feel less of a chore. Love the outdoors? Go cycling or hiking with friends – or try something new, like rock climbing. If you like everything to be scheduled, exercise included, enter your training sessions into your diary and block out time specifically.

2)     It’s not all about losing weight or toning up – instead think about you’ll feel; how much more energy you’ll have after a session in the pool or a gentle jog around the park. Exercise helps to release happy endorphins in your brain that make you feel great after a workout.

3)     Keep fattening, nutritionally empty foods out of the house(if it’s not there, it can’t call your name!) Instead, keep lots of healthy snacks to hand – nuts (such as almonds and cashew nuts), fruit and sugar-free cereal bars will help you to combat cravings without feeling guilty.

4)     Don’t punish yourself during your workout or swimming session – sometimes doing less is better if it means you’ll stick to your routine.

5)     Snap up a new swimsuit from the Sculpture range or invest in a new gym kit. If you look good, you’ll feel good, which will spur you on to get fit. With so many styles, colours and detailing options in our Speedo Sculpture swimwear, there’s plenty to choose from.

6 ) Invest in good quality, non-stick cookware and utensilsand get in the habit of cooking with lower heat; this lets you cut excess fat.  Learn to roast, grill, broil, steam, poach, marinate and season for a healthier alternative to cooking.

7)     Drink plenty of water – preferably eight glasses a day. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so don’t let this trip you up. Water helps to fill us up and keep us hydrated, so try drinking before a meal or choose a non-creamy, broth-based soup when out for a meal.

8)     To help you stay motivated, choose small, achievable goals when exercising or hitting the pool. When you achieve your target weight or look, reward yourself – take some time to go shopping or have a treat at home.

9)     Drink green tea. It’s packed with antioxidants and – best of all – research suggests that drinking three cups a day could help you lose weight naturally. Why not catch up with a friend with a cup of green tea after a session at the pool?

10)   Get your friends and family involved. Not only will you feel great exercising with your nearest and dearest, but you can catch-up socially too. If you have children, why not go swimming together? Kids love nothing more than splashing about with their mum.

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